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Fresh n Rebel


We love this range and so do our customers!

They look as good as they sound are really affordable for such great design and most importantly are comparable in terms of sound quality to some major players in the world of wireless speakers (whom shall remain nameless).

We play our shop tracks on these via our mobile playlists (always a cause for arguments) and when customers hear the quality of the sound they are often shocked!

Its pretty true to say that this is a product that sells itself.

Fresh n Rebel have just added the new 'Slice' design to their stable of speakers. This one is designed as a halfway house between the ever popular and affordable Cube and the heavier weight Brick and Chunk designs which we tend to recommend to customers for home use.

The Slice is super portable due to its sleek contemporary minimal profile but doesn't lack substance with an awesome sound and baseline and a punchy 10 hours of playtime.

We firmly believe that good music helps to 'make' a great summer and when you look back its often the soundtrack of the period you recall so make sure you slip one of these into your case this year!