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Spice Kitchen Masala Dabba Tin with Loose Tea Assortment


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Spice Kitchen Masala Dabba Tin with Loose Tea Assortment


Spice Kitchen Masala Dabba Tin with Loose Tea Assortment

The perfect gift for any keen tea drinker.

Inspired by the Indian love of tea-drinking, the loose leaf gift set includes masala chai tea, peppermint and rose red bush, as well as several fruity options with a natural taste and incredible aroma.

Along with teas sourced from around the world, every set comes complete with a silicone tea infuser called 'Mr T' as well as individual tins to store the tea once in use.

It’s the perfect introduction for any foodie wanting to try something new or an interesting option for the seasoned loose leaf enthusiast.

The set comes with our well known silk sari gift wraps, handmade by Spice Kitchen. Each tea assortment contains enough loose leaf tea to make around 7 cups. Refills are available directly from Spice Kitchen

Tea Assortment Includes:

Masala Chai - a blend of high grade Darjeeling, rose petals, cardamom, black pepper and cinnamon.

Peppermint - with fresh spearmint leaves for a clean, cool taste.

Very Berry - a mix of hibiscus, blackcurrants, elderberries and raisins. Delicious served warm or ice cold.

Strawberries & Cream - a blend of dried strawberry pieces with rosehip, hibiscus and a hint of vanilla.

Orange Spice - a zesty black tea combination with orange peel, cloves and cinnamon

Tropical Mango - naturally dried apple, rosehip, lemon and hibiscus petals.

Rose Red Bush - luxury rooibos, dried strawberry, thistle petals, rose petals and blackberry leaves.

Additional Information

Description Extra

Masala Dabba Tin hand wrapped in an individual stitched silk sari

Seven Individual Sealable Storage Tins

Seven Loose Leaf Teas

Tea Infuser

Set includes 10g of peppermint tea and 20g of all other teas.

Packets make approx. 6-7 cups per tea.