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Cool Snow Globe Bird on Berry Branch


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Cool Snow Globe Bird on Berry Branch


Cool Snow Globe Bird on Berry Branch

A garden bird rests on a snow covered branch hanging with berries, in this simple wintery scene.


Cool Snow Globes are created in San Francisco where each piece is hand cast and painted.  The process is time precious and laborious but the quality of the globes is second to none and means that each globe is an object of high quality and unique beauty – a significant departure from the plastic souvenirs that commemorate every tourist stop.

Each globe is made of handblown glass which once filled with water, magnifies the objects inside. Great care is taken with the amount and quality of the snow, or “flitter” as it’s called, often mixing many different colors and densities of our proprietary mix to improve the swirl and snowfall.

Every 10 cm globe comes ready for giving in a high-quality custom gift box. The base is nestled in a core of foam and the dome is cradled in the top of the box to ensure the gift presentation is as perfect as the globe inside.


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Cool Snow Globe Bird on Berry Branch

Care of Globes

Keep it out of direct sunlight. Sunlight shining through the water is a magnifier and can cause fire.  Sunlight can also cause the water to discolor.
Dust with a soft cloth. Glass cleaner is fine on the globe.

CoolSnowGlobes are made of glass and are not toys for children.


Standard Glass Globe:
10 cm diameter

Total Dimensions:

10 cm W x 10 cm L x 12.6 cm H

Gift Box Dimensions: 

13.3 x 13.3 x 13.3cm

Every CoolSnowGlobe is beautifully gift boxed, ready for giving.
Globes are packed with a protective foam base.


The liquid in the globes is purified water with anti-freeze added to prevent freezing.  Anti-bacterial is added to keep the liquid clear.  Liquid in the globe is safe for humans externally, but should not be ingested

 Globes are shipped in cushioned boxes.