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Notabag Black


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Notabag Black


Notabag - the smart combination of a bag and rucksack. With a single move, the innovative carrying bag turns into a handy rucksack. The Notabag is the perfect companion not only for shopping but on the way to university, sports, swimming or other leisure time activities.

The Notabag idea was born during a trip to the local farmers market as the designer Adnan Alicusic tried to maneuver through traffic while having a heavy shopping bag on the handlebar bumping against the front wheel. At that moment, Alicusic imagined how a simple bag could be transformed into a rucksack and the idea of Notabag was born

The bag also features a functional inside pocket where "essentials" such as wallet, mobile phone or keys can be stowed. And if you need neither rucksack nor bag, the Notabag can simply be folded into the inside pocket. When the bag-rucksack is not in use, it can be folded down to the size of a wallet.

The clever design by Adnan Alicusic was nominated for the German Design Award 2016

More details:

Water resistant

Machine Washable


Eco-friendly and reusable

Additional Information

Description Extra

Measurements of the inside pocket: 13cm x 15.5cm

Water resistant, machine washable

Material 63% cotton and 37% nylon

Dimensions Depth: 65 cm, Length: 45 cm (when open)

Weight 130 g (without packaging)