Pernille Corydon New Ranges

Just in for the new Spring season Pernille has named the latest collection 'Shapes of Nature'. 

Pieces within this new range are influenced by the shapes and form found in nature that surround us daily.

Of course, they share the same simplicity of design and excellent craftsmanship that is a common factor in all Pernille's pieces.  Coated onto sterling silver, minimum of 18 Carat gold, double dipped, handmade in Pernille's workshop etc, etc, etc.  As ever each piece is beautifully presented in a branded newly designed gift box.

We are all absolutely loving this new collection and in particular the new 'Pearl' pieces within this range.  One of our favourite designs has to be the Lagoon Earrings with Lapis Studs.  These earrings can be worn in several ways, to the front of the ear or to the rear, as shown as a drop earring or indeed the pearl drop can be removed completely and they can be styled as simple Lapis Studs.  So clever and such a brilliant idea.

Anyway, please do click through to take a look or take a lust whichever you prefer........