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Lovely Linen

Lovely Linen

Established in Sweden and using only the highest quality European Linen 'Lovely Linen' has been creating heirloom quality textiles for the home since 1992.

Linen is designed to last and it natural lustre and soft texture will only improve with age and use.  Linen is one of most eco friendly fabrics made from flax that requires a lot less water and chemicals to cultivate than other fabrics.

Famed for its understated, elegance and luxurious feel, its rumpled, crinkled appeal is guaranteed to add character to any room.  For those who prefer a more contemporary, tailored look it can of course be ironed flat. 

Either way investing in linen is a great long terms investment as its resistance to wear and ability to handle the demands of daily life make it a great long term choice.



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