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Moomin by Muurla

Created by the Finnish-Swedish writer and artist Tove Jansson the Moomin stories, written between 1945 and 1970 and are still in print in more than twenty languages. To this day Tove Jansson remains Scandinavia's best loved author. The Moomin stories and illustrations reflect the tenets of her life: her love of family (and special bond with her mother), of nature, and her insistence on freedom to pursue her art.

These wonderful illustrations have been reproduced by Muurla on to high-quality enamelware enabling the young and old to enjoy the Moomin family adventures from a fresh perspective.

In 2011 Finnish company Muurla launched the first Moomin enamel mug collection which instantly became one of Muurla’s most popular and beloved product lines ever.

Since 2012 several other Moomin enamel items have followed such as plates, bowls and jars and enamel cooking ware.

With the colorful and fun Moomin enamel items Muurla wants to bring some cheerfulness into people’s homes and kitchens!

All Muurla enamelware is made in Europe

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