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Sandqvist was founded in 2004 initially as an experimental design project by three childhood friends.  The brand grew organically as a response to the lack of well crafted, design-led, functional bags on offer at the time and disrupted the status quo on how practically can go hand in hand with design.  Staying true to their Scandinavian roots, the three founders still believe in Swedish values; sustainability and care for the environment, high-quality designs and uncompromising functionality.

At Sandqvist, produce stylish and long-lasting everyday bags and want to do this in a way that is fair to everyone involved and with care for the environment. This means taking responsibility for the impact of their products throughout their life cycle, on both people and the planet.

Being ''sustainable where possible'' is not enough they have worked hard to create a formula to ensure sustainability is a top focus. As a result, the Sandqvist formula consists of five key pillars: Organics Cotton, Recycled Materials, Supply Chain Transparency, Fair Working Conditions, Long-Lasting Products


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