Established by Camille de Bascher Bachca, Paris offer a range of beautifully designed and made grooming products for men, women and children.  Each product is carefully selected to ensure not only does it look lovely but is also incredibly practical. 

For example, their famous smoothing brush features a mixture of nylon and boar bristles combination. The nylon pins reduce the static electricity from the boar and the boar bristles seal the hair cuticle to enhance shine. The ball tips together with the rubber cushion protect and gently massage the scalp.

Each hairbrush is shaped by hand using natural beechwood and all the products come in Bachca's signature, sophisticated packaging.


As well as brushes we have stocked a whole array of hair accessories from elastics to click clacks, slides and barrettes. 

Most of these products retail for under £5 so make perfect smaller gifts. 

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