ENAMEL, Copenhagen

We really are coming over all 'Bells on our Fingers and Rings on our Toes' this season.  We're looking forward to bringing on board several new jewellery lines running up to the Festive Season and kicking off with this absolute beauty, one that has been top of our list for quite some time - ENAMEL, Copenhagen!


ENAMEL Copenhagen is one of Scandinavia's best-selling jewellery brands and the creation of designer Mari Rantzau.

Famed for its touches of coloured enamels matched this is contemporary jewellery that both follows today's trends but has its own unique character and style.

Enamel Copenhagen's jewellery is made by hand of sterling silver 925 gilded with 18-carat gold.


About the Brand

For several years, Marie has built up a friendly and extremely professional collaboration with the workshops, where every single piece is handmade. It takes many years of experience to achieve a perfect finish on the Enamel Copenhagen jewellery, which is produced in east Asia in smaller workshops, selected by Marie herself. The enamel process is extensive, demanding, and a unique craft. But enamel is also a fun and exciting material to work with.

ENAMEL Copenhagen pieces always follow a simple design with a strong expression, and at affordable prices - without compromising on quality. Colour choices and shapes are carefully composed and always follow fashion, with a solid basic collection. This makes this jewelry series completely unique and timeless, but is also a jewelry series that lives in the present!

Marie Rantzau says that she is constantly in an "inspiration mode", where she interprets the world we all live in and visualizes it through the Enamel Copenhagen Jewellery.

Every piece of Emamel Jewellery comes presented in a luxe branded gift box

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