Make it Easy

We are absolutely delighted to add Mepal, Holland to our range of kitchenware, it chimes perfectly with our aesthetic at Printer+Tailor and offers high-quality design-led 'useful' products at reasonable prices.

Many of you will recognise Mepal from your own childhood, their iconic dinnerware range has been in production since 1976 and I can remember the camping range and particularly the 314 Series Mug from camping trips to Pembrokeshire in our family tent, again in the '70s.

Mepal has developed a distinct style throughout the years, inspired by the Bauhaus tradition; everything needs to be functional, simple with timeless beauty.


We've selected from the 'On the Go' Range of products which off sensible solutions to eating and drinking on the run. 

The Bento Lunchboxes have already sold really well in the shop as customers are keen to avoid crowded cafe's and also conscious of expensive and wasteful wrappings sometimes used to protect their lunches. 

The Insulated Mug and Travel Cup are perfect for saving on disposable coffee cups and the former will keep your drinks hot up to 6 hours and cold for 4.


Another range we simply couldn't avoid stocking is the Cirqula Range of Stacking Bowls.  As with all Mepal products, these come in a distinctly 'nordic' colour palette and provide a good looking fridge to table solution for food storage.  They are airtight, leak-proof, freezer-proof and can be used in a microwave.


 Finally, let me introduce you to the fabulous Hydro Herb Pots. 

The beauties have a clever reservoir which stores water where it filtrates into the root of the herb by use of a cotton cord with pins.  This way the plant will only take what it needs and will keep your herbs in the kitchen fresher much longer.  It also avoids the problem of over or underwatering.



We hope you enjoy this range and if you have any queries please don't hesitate to ring us at the shop or drop us an email.