Allow us to introduce some of our favourite pieces from Madam Stoltz's SS23 collection 'Island Life'

The designers at Madam Stolz have created this collection as a tribute to island life, we love the rawness and simplicity of this theme, its something that we can all emulate at home or in the garden.

In their words:

On an island you use what you have on hand and live in harmony with nature and the elements.
A quiet sunny day can suddenly shift to heavy rain and wind. And vice versa.
You live more spontaneously and open-mindedly and that sparks your creativity. You start to mix exclusive items with driftwood, stones and flowers from the surrounding nature. It is easy to set up an outdoor kitchen or decorate the boathouse and turn it into an extra bedroom. Soften up some stones in the garden with cushions to make an extra sofa for an impromptu party. We love the atmosphere and mindset you get when you allow life to be created by chance. Just for a while.