OK, here's the thing!  What do you get if you combine contemporary Scandinavian design with age-old craft traditions such as weaving, knitting and felting and then for good measure ensure the resulting products are produced to fair trade standards?

This is the task faced by the Afroart Collective when six designers from Sweden with a passion for textiles design took over Afroart in 2003.

Already well established since 1967 Afroart had long been a desirable stop for anyone with a passion for ethnic crafts. What these designers added to this mix was a little less of the hippy and a little more of the contemporary design element.

As a result, a great deal of Afroarts catalogue is developed by Afroart Studio, Afroarts own design team. The idea behind this label is to use design as a tool in order to develop and market traditional crafts and thereby help to create jobs in the regions where the craft is currently the main source of income. This, in turn, means these crafts have a possibility to survive to thrive and hopefully be passed onto the next generation.

Afroart collaborates with local artisans to highlight the craftsmanship of the developing countries.  Although initially this focussed on Africa the full list of collaborating countries now include: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Ivory Coast, El Salvador, the Philippines, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Cambodia, Cameroon, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Mali, Morocco, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria , Pakistan, Senegal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tanzania, Vietnam, Uganda.

Each of these countries is rich in unique craft traditions and this unique combination of design and skill means that these crafts find a market in the developed world amongst Afroarts customers. Afroart imports directly from artisans or through Fair Trade organizations.

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