Lexon Oblio Sanitiser and Charger

Winner of TIMES Invention of the Year

This is a bit different for us but when we came across this amazing product we knew it was a winner and we had to sell them in store. 

In brief this lovely curved vase is actually hiding a pretty nifty secret, instead of holding flowers this is a powerful smartphone charger but even better than that it has also been designed to harness light technology in order to santise the surface of your phone. 

We don't need to tell you what a great idea that is at this point in time.

It takes just 3 hours to fully charge your smartphone using the Oblio and only 20 minutes for a bacteria cleaning cycle. Its gently curved, structural shape means it can be placed discreetly in your home entrance or living room. 

We're stocking the Oblio in a choice of soft gold or smart navy the choice is yours.

For the full technical bits and to shop please click through but we would recommend purchasing early as this is bound to be on everyones Christmas list and supply will be limited.