Moomin Winter Magic

Who loves the Moomins?  pretty much everyone as far as we can tell.

For us, the books and the television series were part of our childhood and bring back so many nostalgic memories.  However, we're astounded by the popularity these Finnish critters (although originally written in Swedish) have with our younger customers and it's wonderful to see so many children now discovering these gentle tales.  I say gentle but I seem to recall being terrified of the Groke and actually some of the storylines were really quite dark which was partly why we loved them so much. 

Anyway, we always love receiving newer pieces in the range and the distributer Muurla has introduced the most wonderful products to tie in with the festive season.  Our favourite?  well its a job to say but we are particularly taken with the extra-large Mug and the Christmas Glass Balls make a brilliant gift. 

Anyway, over to you lovely customer - we hope you enjoy, simply click through to view the range!