Shoe Shame

Call out to all the Sneakerheads!  love your sneakers?  you'll REALLY love this range.....

The brains behind this new brand from Sweden are self confessed sneaker nerds.  Frustrated with the products available and on a mission to bring back that 'box fresh' look to our sneakers they got their collective brains together and came up with Shoe Shame a small range of key products vital to maintaining our trainers in peak condition (and smell).

Its hard to pick a favourite but as a lover of a pristine white sneaker the 'Remember White' is a definite must have and takes us back to the days of dabbing our school plimsolls with tipex (ok was that just us)?

These guys know their old skool vans from their veja's and have taken into account the construction, functionality, varieties of leather, synthetic materials and technical spec of your kicks to come up with solutions that really work.  Each product tackles a particular element of shoe care and even tackles the problem of the sweaty, gym shoe. 

Click through to check out the whole brand and say goodbye to dirty, smelly sneakers for good.